The Concise Harry Potter (with apologies to J. K. Rowling)

Wilom þer was ane litel childe.

An necromancer yvel kilde

His parentys yn his hame.

Harry Potter watz his name.

Þe gome was an worthi ladde

And magicke powerys he hadde,

Andso to Hogwartys didde he go

To learnen, wise men and leuedis fro.

An Gryffindor he watz, and bolde.

Þei clothyd hym yn red and golde.

Hys frendes, Hermione and Ron

Were gode, to be trysththt on.

The sevene bokes, of quiche y rede

Tel storyes of þer mani dede.

Þe Tale of Rowlynge Y wol tele.

Herkeneth alle, and listeneth wele.


Yn boke þe fyrst þer watz a man

Who on hys hede a shete han,

Of renounce hys tecchyng watz nat gode.

An licorne dede watz funde yn wode.

Voldemort, þe yvel drede

Lyvede in þe mannes hede!

Pottere þe manne sle

Bot Voldemorte gan awai.


Yn boke þe seconde, Y here telle

Of Weaseleyes lyvyge in a delle

And cartes flynyg yn þe skye.

Harry speakyth Snake, we ken nat why.

Voldemort watz funde yn boke.

Þer watz an snake, who wyþ an looke

Xulde maken men as stille as ston.

Ginny þe maiden briȝt was gon.

Harry hir funde and wel ner deied

Bot for Fawkes þe phenix who criȝed.


Yn boke þe þridde þer watz a hunde

And Harrye hys godfadr funde.

Hermione dyd þynges wyþ clokkes;

A Hyppogryffon watz sauved fram stokkes.


Yn boke fower þer watz an tournamente

Wyth game ond muchel merrymente

Bot þen a Hufflepuffe did die

(Y moste saye, hit made me forto crie).

Voldemort tokke Poteres blod

And wolde han sle hym quere he stod

Bot forþe wondes. Poteres parentys dere

Defendyd Harry yn his fere.


Yn boke þe fifte þer watz yn scule

An yvel wicce wyþ everi rule.

Dolores Umbridge watz hir name.

Harry Potter, yn muchel shame

Porsiuede ane sweven to Minystrye

Andso endeþ Sirius, þe worthie.


Bok six causeth me moch distress:

Dumbledore deied, we al him lesse.

Y sai no more, hit al ys wo,

Andso to sevenede boke Y go.


In þys boke Harry, Hermione and Ron

For loffe of everichon han gon

Ynto þe wode lokynge for þynges:

Hath þai ane boke and a ringge

Bot þai most Horcruxes destroien

For derk magyk did Voldemort emploien.

Harry watz dede, þanne he watz nat

(þer was more, bot Y forȝat).

Þei weren glade evre among,

For þus him endeth Voldemortes song.

Whatso ys next, þe bokes nat telle

Bot þys we ken: alle ys welle.


Written 5th August 2017


From London, British Library, Additional MS 11639, f. 68v


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